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Payroll Services

We provide a Professional Payroll Service that will free up your time and reduce pressure on your resources. Whether you have 1 employee or 100 employees we can look after your Payroll requirements for you. With PAYE Modernisation now in effect it is more important than ever to have your Payroll up to date and accurate.

Under the new PAYE Modernisation the processing of Payroll is done in ‘Real Time’. This will become an issue for a lot of companies that have only one person looking after their Payroll as cover will be required for illness, holidays etc. to run the Payroll as it will need to be done in ‘Real Time.

Outsourcing your Payroll is a reliable, economic alternative to running your Payroll inhouse.

  • We provide modern Revenue Approved Payroll Software
  • Experienced Personnel
  • Processing Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Payrolls
  • Computation of PAYE, PRSI, USC and other relevant Deductions
  • Payroll Reports sent to Management
  • Setting up New Employees
  • Downloading Revenue Payroll Notifications (RPN’s)
  • Payroll Revenue Returns (PSR’s) sent to Revenue
  • Detailed Payslips issued to all employees
  • Creation and/or upload of bank file for electronic payments to employees
  • PAYE Modernisation Ready
  • Professional & Confidential Service
  • IPASS Accredited

Payroll Rates start from as little as €15.00 per pay run

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